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How to reach Veliki Gaj

We can organise a minibus from Belgrade, Timisoara or Vršac for your groups

Belgrade-Veliki Gaj, up to 20 people

18.700 RSD one way (approx. 160 euros)


Belgrade-Veliki Gaj, more than 20 people

30.000 RSD one way (approx. 255 euros)

Timisoara-Veliki Gaj 18.700 RSD one way, 4 people

Vršac-Veliki Gaj, up to 8 people, 5.000 RSD one way (approx. 43 euros)

One-day excursion to Vršac or Deliblato Sands, 22.000/26.400 RSD (approx. 190/225 euros)

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