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About us

In 2017 the Magnet Association was formed as a cooperative of educators, artists and civic activists with the aim to make their fields of expertise available to all interested people through educational and cultural activities and to create Magnet House that any educator and artist would be proud to work at. 


Magnet provides a dual online and offline framework to facilitate broader international cooperation and representation. Moreover, Magnet utilizes profits from hosting activities in Magnet House to fund the Association's endeavors, including the employment of marginalized demographics like middle-aged or retired women and local workers. This underscores our commitment to inclusive growth and economic empowerment.

  • Magnet aims to provide space for:

  • Enhancing and promoting sustainable social and economic progress through organizing cultural and artistic events, festivals, educational, and tourist programs.

  • Improving the position of young people, members of rural communities, and other vulnerable groups in society.

  • Strengthening the awareness of the aforementioned groups in the domains of active citizenship, intercultural learning, respect for cultural diversity and human rights, cultural participation, and sustainable development principles.

  • Protecting human rights and promoting positive social values at the local and global levels.

  • Promoting volunteerism and active citizenship.

  • Protecting the environment and promoting sustainable development principles, especially in Magnet's areas of work.

  • Contributing to the cultural and creative sector, fostering the freedom of creativity for individuals and groups.

  • Strengthening the resources of local communities (human, economic, tourist, creative, and educational), particularly in Veliki Gaj and the municipalities of Plandište and Vršac, and subsequently in the Banat region, and promoting cross-border cooperation.

  • Enhancing cultural and youth policies, preserving and promoting local, national and European heritage.

  • Promoting tourist products and spaces in Serbia, especially in Banat, and contributing to the improvement of receptive tourist-hospitality offerings.

Our Mission

Our Mission

is to foster growth, innovation and positive change through cultural and creative work, youth engagement, social activism, sustainable rural development, non-formal education and international networking.


Our Values

are positive social values, based on the principles of human rights protection: respect, empathy, solidarity, integrity, equality, inclusion, cooperation, understanding, responsibility, valuing the contributions of others in society, environmental awareness, intercultural understanding, active citizenship.

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