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History of the house in Dositeja Obradovića 34, Veliki Gaj - now Magnet House

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The house dating from the year 1919, occupying number 34 in the street symbolically named Dositej Obradovic, by the famous writer, philosopher, dramatist, librettist, linguist, traveler, polyglot and the first minister of education of Serbia, becomes the international educational center Magnet House in June 2018.

The entire village helped to build the house, back in 1919, for one of the first families that had settled in Veliki Gaj - the family Gojkov. Even today, over the massive wooden entrance door, it is inscribed the name of the first owner - Aleksander G (stands for Gojkov). However, as it has changed owners in the recent decades, all that remained of the inscribed name is Aleksander G, as, coincidently, one of the new owners used to be also called that.

Before Magnet acquired the house, it used to be functioning as a sewing factory for a decade.

Once Magnet found its home in this magnificient house, we received a generous donation in pro bono work by the Norwegian architectural studio BlakstadHaffner Architects who chooses Magnet House for its first project in Serbia. 

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