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Veliki Gaj and its community

Veliki Gaj is the oldest village in the Plandište municipality in the South Banat District of Serbia, which exists in continuity since 1355, when it was first mentioned, until today. It is a small village at the very edge of the country, at the border with Romania, about 70km from Belgrade and 20km from Vršac. It is not an official crossing to Romania, so its position is quite remote - you can not pass through it to reach another village; it is literally the end of the road.. Because of its secluded position, it has almost no air pollution, it is very clean and green, peaceful, people are kind and open, but for the same reason, they suffer lack of jobs, transportation to bigger towns, social and cultural events. It is said that it used to have 2000 inhabitants, but today it counts barely 300. The majority of people who graduate from high school leave the village in search of employment in bigger cities. There are not many young people.

Veliki Gaj has an elementary school, a church, post office, a bar and a grocery shop, that serves as the local news board and the central place to exchange a few words with the locals.

The school used to have all eight grades, each one with 30 pupils. Today it has only one classroom with 6-7 pupils, from 1st to 4th grade.

There are several exceptional and nationally accomplished local product businesses that Magnet happily promotes to its participants, like "Srećna koza" (goat cheese specialty brand) and "Dušanovo vino" (blackberry/cherry/peach wine). However, many business have closed their doors, confirming the region to be one of the poorest in Vojvodina. It stands to say that in the recent years, there have been several big investments (renovation of the school, the municipality home, church) and it has now become evident that families leaving bigger cities choose to settle in Veliki Gaj precisely because of its slow and beautiful way of life and the sense of community and solidarity between the locals.


This is precisely the reason why Magnet chose Veliki Gaj for its center. We are proud to have renovated the over 100 years old house, belonging to one of the first families that put their roots in Veliki Gaj - the family Gojkov. Read here about the renovation.

Veliki Gaj is proud of its society of hunters and the folklore society. The locals love to gather on every available occasion, that being a football match between nearby villages, Magnet's Open Doors or the Saint's day. The village celebrates the 12th of July as the Saint Protectors' day - Saint Apostles Peter and Paul (srb. Petrovdan). It has become famous for its festivities that last even five days and that attract people from the entire region!

The park next door to Magnet House dates to the 18th century and is now a nature protected area. Read more about the Park here.

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