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This May Magnet sends a representative to the training for trainers in Norway to learn how to integrate the experiential learning cycle into youth work

The main goal of the training is to enhance the quality of youth work by equipping youth workers

(coordinators, facilitators, mentors, educators, teachers, etc.) with competencies in the experiential learning process.

Our very skilled partners Andreea-Loredana Tudorache, Tuba Ardic and Elena Stevkovska mentored 20 trainees, and our Petra Protić, so she could contribute to Magnet to deliver high-quality educational programs in our community and enhance the learning outcomes for young people participating in Magnet's activities.

Young people today have lots of chances to get involved in different groups and projects, both locally nationally and internationally. They can be volunteers, take part in workshops, work directly with various creative methods, or even taking an active role in the life of their communities.

All these experiences help them to develop useful skills and competencies. For such learning to happen at a high level is important for young people to be guided through proper experiential learning cycles. This is a framework that outlines the process through which individuals learn from their experiences.

Magnet is happy to have sent Petra to this capacity building programme, so to come back and improve our work in guiding young people through these experiential learning cycles.

This project is supported by the Norwegian National Agency of the Erasmus+Programme.


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