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New project supported by the Ministry for Tourism and Youth of the Republic of Serbia

The five-month project "Women's Stories," coordinated by Magnet Association, contributes to young artists' creative and aesthetic development. Through contemporary dance and critical understanding of epic poetry, they transform traditional folkloric narratives and redefine the role of women in the cultural heritage of Serbia and the Balkans.

The project focuses on youth from rural areas, aiming to directly involve young artists and young performance attendees from rural regions of Vojvodina, in the event to be held in Veliki Gaj in September 2024.

It strengthens the participation of young rural artists, enhances their aesthetic competence, and increases their visibility to regional and national audiences.

The project promotes cultural decentralisation and inclusion by ensuring access to artistic content for youth in rural areas. Additionally, it fosters the development of aesthetic competence in young people through informal learning about culture, aesthetic values, and the critical evaluation of artistic works.

Call for young dancers coming soon! Be informed about the project on our social media!


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