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New partnership in an international project about exploring and overcoming limits of our body and mind in contemporary dance

We are excited to share that a new project has been approved under Erasmus+ Programme, allowing Magnet to cooperate with the Italian (Fondazione Teatro Civico) and Slovenian organisation (Društvo gledališce GLEJ) in developing an educational and creative methodology around the topics of inclusive and contemporary dance, connecting the international group of youngsters from the three countries with extraordinary young people and artists living with different forms of physical disability in a small northern Italian town of Schio in Veneto region.

Twenty four participants, eight per country, will work alongside a theatrical laboratory "Campus Company" and "Dance Well", a community of extraordinary dancers with Parkinsons desease or othervise limited in their physical movements. During a 10-days youth exchange, we will be preparing a contemporary dance performance around the issues relevant to the local adolescents, especially those living with a disability, and explore artistic practices and accessible movements so as to explore and share this artistic experience beyond the disability and beyond of what makes us different.

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